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Hello! Welcome to Netcycler!

What is Netcycler all about?

Netcycler is a smart way that enables you to use the value of the things you already own to get the things you want. This happens through swapping, giving away and trading pre-owned items. The service is currently available in the UK, Germany and Finland. The use of the service is growing rapidly, and Netcycler has more than 110 000 registered users.

If you are the UK, check out netcycler.co.uk to start trading. If you are in Germany, please go to netcycler.de or if you are in Finland, please visit netcycler.fi.

It's a whole new way to swap

When using Netcycler, the items you already own become a currency that you can use to get the things you want. You simply indicate what you have and what you wish to get in return. It is also possible to sell and buy items. Netcycler matches offers and wishes. The system automatically forms trade rings with up to five people, and this greatly increases the probability of successful swaps. You don't have to arrange the ring yourself - Netcycler does it for you and lets you know who to deliver your item to and who to get your wish from. Then you can arrange to meet the person at a defined meetingpoint or use our easy integrated shipping service to deliver the items.

Selling that multiplies your opportunities

In addition to swapping, you can also buy and sell items on Netcycler. As a seller you simply set a price for your item, and Netcycler Echo™ does the rest. As a buyer you just click 'Buy'!

But because we like to make life smarter than usual, we added an 'echo' to how sales is done on Netcycler. We have combined selling with Netcycler's swapping and automated trade ring technology, and this makes trading on Netcycler very efficient.

When the owner of an item sets a sales price for it, Netcycler automatically builds trade rings with that item. The sales price is then 'echoed' to all the other items in the ring. Thus any of the other items in the ring can be bought for the same price! As a seller your sales opportunities are multiplied as buyers can choose to buy any of the other items in the trade rings that your item is being part of (and you still get the money). Netcycler Echo™ is a unique new way to sell!

Buying on Netcycler is as simple as buying on the best web shops.

Learn more about using Netcycler from our instructions for use and frequently asked questions.

Swapping on Netcycler is free!

That's right, you can use Netcycler for free! Swapping, giving and receiving are all free of charge. For sales transactions Netcycler charges a small fee. Netcycler also has an easy to use postal service for which the recipient of an item will incur a small charge. Using additional services is optional.

About the company

Netcycler is a Finnish company based on responsible values. Meet our multi-talented team and see our vision of sustainable consumption. Feel free to contact us anytime!

The service is under constant development and continues to improve. All feedback, comments and ideas are most welcome. Use the support button on the right side of the page and let us know what you think about Netcycler.


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